Below is a letter from Alloy Personal Training Center’s in-house Physical Therapist, Dr. Joel Eaby.

Hi Guys!

After the guys from FMS (Functional Movement Systems) visited the gym, Alloy staff and I have been discussing the issue of ankle mobility. Your ankles are not a part of the body you usually think about unless you have an issue, like a sprain. But, ankle mobility is important because it is the first big joint that comes into play as force is transferred into your body. If its not mobile, it can cause problems further up your body – into your knees and hips. This is especially important for runners and cyclists, but it’s also important for those of us who move around on our feet (which is just about all of us).

Another area where ankle mobility is key is functional weight-training exercises. Lunges, squats, deadlifts, step ups and landing any kind of jump requires ankle mobility. Good ankle mobility will allow you to have your best form during exercise, which helps you isolate the proper muscles and prevents injury. 

Ankle mobility has two parts: your ankle joint itself, and the tissue around your ankle and leg – specifically your calf. I shot a quick video to show you how to measure your own ankle mobility and a couple of ways you can improve your ankle mobility.

If you have poor ankle mobility and would like to improve, let me know. I will be happy to walk you through some ankle mobility exercises including the ones in the video.

Feel free to contact me directly through phone or text at 678-400-0300.

Take care, and I will be in touch!


Dr. Joel Eaby PT, DPT, ATC
North Point Physical Therapy
[email protected]