Shelley Walker

shelley walker s 2After years of no structured dietary or exercise program, Shelley Walker was ready for a lifestyle change. She had driven by NPPT every day for quite some time, so she finally decided to stop in and find out what may be available to help her. Shelley met with a personal trainer and soon chose to take advantage of a weight loss program that included a personal trainer and dietitian in order to learn about both key aspects of a complete weight loss plan.
Accomplishing her weight loss goals in fewer than six months, Shelley is 40 lbs. lighter, her waist size has dropped 4 inches, and she is training to run her first Peachtree Road Race! She continues to work out weekly with Anthony Wilkins one day and Natalie Logan another day so that they can discuss nutrition during their workout session.

Since reaching her goals, all involving a change in lifestyle, Shelley is more confident in knowing what a true portion is, preparing and eating healthier foods (including making better choices when dining out), and has developed a passion for physical fitness. She has found some activities that she can enjoy and do for many years, not just for the few months while losing weight.

Shelley’s Workout Schedule & Nutrition

• Weight training at NPPT – 2 days a week
• Cardio – At least 3 days a week
• Consumes 1500 calories a day (determined by metabolic testing)
• Carefully watch portion sizes
• Limit sodium intake

Secret to Success

“Consistent exercise has been very important, but for me personally, the biggest secret is eating “clean.” I learned this concept from Natalie when she helped me develop an eating plan, and it has many meanings for me:

I choose healthier options from all food groups and prepare my own food. When I make my own food, I find that I actually have more to eat and am more satisfied. When I know exactly what I am eating, I am much more successful.

I eat higher quality food—more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains than ever before and much less fried food.

I eat more protein, but again higher quality—more lean turkey, chicken, fish, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, and less beef and pork.

I cut back on sodium. I am much more aware of how much sodium is in prepared foods and often choose low sodium options when available. I learned too much sodium can make me gain as much as 5 pounds.”


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