Spencer and Nina


In 2013, Spencer and I received North Point Fitness trial membership cards in our Christmas stockings. At the time, we were recently engaged and liked the idea of upping our physical activity level in preparation for our wedding in June 2015.  We had heard wonderful things about NPF’s trainers and programs from his mom and sister and, after a very busy spring and summer, got around to scheduling our first appointment in the fall of 2014.  Spencer had shoulder issues and I had very novice skills and abilities about anything exercise, but NPF still took us on, no problem. We committed to three small group training sessions a week, and haven’t looked back since!

NPF has given us structure, accountability, and lots of support when it comes to our health and fitness.  All the NPF staff are excellent and attentive coaches, who somehow manage to keep workouts fun and engaging.  We enjoy being challenged during our sessions, but always know that we are working out safely and effectively under the guidance of our trainers. It makes all the difference to have their encouragement and positivity – we’ve both come a long way and they don’t hesitate to remind us!

During our nine months at NPF, Spencer and I both have gained significant strength and muscle tone and have made real progress towards our fitness goals.  I could barely lift a thing starting out, and now can easily press/squat/swing more weight than I ever have.  Spencer has trimmed down and gained muscle in all the right places with no aggravation of his shoulder along the way. We feel (and look) better than we have at any other point during our eight years of knowing one another, and are looking forward to many more years together as happy and healthy Hardees!


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