Supplementing Your Diet

by Landon Smith

Hello my fabulous, fitness-fanatic Alloy family! Now that we know how much to eat and what to eat, it’s time to come to a sad but real truth: it’s extremely likely that you are still not getting everything you need to be at optimal health from your food alone. Sorry, but it’s true and it is especially true for those of you who are currently trying to create a calorie deficit for weight loss.

So, how do you complete this whole “eating well and being healthy” thing? Luckily, that answer is also very simple. Supplementation is the best and pretty much only way to completely ensure that you are ingesting all the things needed to reach optimum health. Studies have shown that athletes who closely watch what they eat and hit both macronutrient and calorie goals every day still managed to be deficient in some vitamins and minerals. In fact, more than 40% have some sort of deficiency. And that is in athletes who are eating like they should! Long story short: food just isn’t what it used to be. Even if you are eating totally organic or even home-grown foods, you simply aren’t getting the all of the you need nutrients from food.

Now that we have recovered from the mild depression caused by the sad reality of food these days, I have good news! Basic supplementation of a quality multivitamin, fish oil (omega-3), vitamin D, and protein supplement can eliminate most of these nutrient deficiencies. These basic supplements can help fill in the gaps our diet simply can not.

The issue is that the supplement industry has boomed in recent years; it is also under-regulated, and this has caused many companies to skimp on ingredients and use additives that could make some products worthless and others straight up unsafe. The key is to KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY. Just because a protein powder says it has 25 gram of protein unfortunately doesn’t mean that it does.

Alloy DotFit display w logo 1Here at Alloy, we believe in the supplement brand DotFit to give our clients the best quality and price for their needs. Every product has been strenuously tested and proven. Ask any of your coaches for assistance if you would like more info on supplements.

In conclusion, eat the right amount of good, whole foods and supplement. Remember:

  • You have to know how many calories you should be and ARE eating every day. Only 10% of adults in America accurately know how much they are eating every day.
  • Use whole, real foods to get your calorie and macro needs. Eat colorful fruits and veggies, a wide variety of protein sources and whole grains.
  • Supplements ensure there are no gaps remaining in your nutrition; You simply can not get everything you need from food alone.


Landon Smith is a personal trainer at Alloy Personal Training Center in Roswell, GA


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