Vegetarians with Muscles?

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Just nuts baby!

When most people think of vegetarians, they don’t envision the epitome of health. I have to admit that until recently, I was one of those people. Every vegetarian that I had ever been exposed to was sickly and overly thin. They always seemed to be stricken with strange aliments (iwanttoeatmoreasitis).

Eating organic fruits and vegetables, grass fed, free range animals has certainly gained favor in recent years. Not without reason, I’m sure. I am by no means an expert in food quality, but it stands to reason that, if making more food in less time earns more profit for food companies, the nutrient content of our mass produced foods is going to suffer.

Another nutrition strategy that is growing in favor is vegetarianism. Whether it be for the aforementioned reasons or because people are dissatisfied with the treatment of animals in the process, it seems there is a ground swell in the fitness industry of muscle men, fitness gurus and celebrity trainers adopting a vegetarian lifestyle.

You guys may or may not know that I have been in the training business for 20 years. At one point I weighed 260 lbs and wore a size 62 jacket! Let me just say that I ate my share of food with parents. Along with copious amount of dead animals, I consumed enough protein powder to cement a city block. Why? More protein = more muscles. Right? Not so fast.

According to Brad Pilon, author of How Much Protein, any amount of protein above 120 grams a day will not result in any additional muscle gain (and this is in men who are using steroids!). The first time I read Brad’s research I was shocked. You mean I don’t need to eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight or choke down 3 protein shakes a day to build and preserve muscle? Cool.

I recently visited Jon Hinds. Jon is 46 years old, ridiculously strong and totally chiseled. Jon went fully vegan a few years ago and swears that he has never felt better. He has not lost any muscle and doesn’t look anything like the other vegetarians I met in the past. He sent me a few creative vegetarian menus that actually look pretty tasty. The main protein sources are beans, almond milk, certain grains and etc.

I am going to give it a try? I’m not sure I can give up meat at this point, but eating foods that are not as processed, not as expensive, more nutrient dense, better for the environment and that don’t have faces may not be too bad after all.

I’ll keep you posted.

Since water is good for herbivores and carnivores alike….


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