Weekend Warrior 2019 Week 15


  • What muscle group does the Turkish Get-Up work? ALL OF THEM!
  • Your shoulder works through all pressing angles
  • Nearly all movement patterns involved
  • Adds variety which keeps things fun and allows you to break through plateaus

Here is the workout:

  • Perform only one Turkish Get Up with each arm using the lightest kettle bell you have
  • After completing with crisp form, move up to the next heaviest bell
  • Continue until you get to your max weight
  • Perform a few more rounds
  • That’s it!

Coaching Corner:

  • Start with the kettle bell in one hand and a bent knee on that same side
  • Roll up to your elbow
  • Transition up to your hand
  • Bridge and fully extend your hips
  • Sweep the leg through
  • Adjust into a kneeling position
  • Rotate the back foot to stack everything in line
  • Lunge forward to a standing position
  • Perform the movement in reverse order


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