Here’s another full body routine that you can do with one kettlebell!


If you don’t have a kettlebell at home – no worries! Turkish Get Ups are already pretty taxing as a bodyweight exercise so don’t hesitate to get creative! You can use your shoe, a gallon water jug or anything to simulate resistance and/or stability!



Place 2 cones (or markers) 15-20 yards apart. Complete 3-5 rounds of ascending reps for the Turkish Get Ups (TGU) and Burpees; 1 TGU/side + 5 Burpees for Round 1, 2 TGU + 6 Burpees for Round 2, etc.

– Complete 1 Turkish Get Up (TGU) (left side)

– Perform walking inchworms to the other side

– Complete 5 burpees

– Slowly bear crawl back across to the other side

– Finish out with 1 TGU (right side)