What To Look For In A Reliable Fitness Coach For Your Workouts

Have you been thinking about working towards a healthier body and lifestyle? Are you wondering which type of exercises to follow? Then what you need is guidance from a reliable fitness coach.

Though a recent study revealed that 6 out of 10 Americans want to get in shape, numerous barriers keep them from exercising. These include age, a busy schedule, and fatigue from work.

Despite this, the same study also noted that one of the ways that people tend to engage more and stick with their exercise program is by working with a good fitness coach who holds them accountable. But apart from accountability, what other traits should you look for in a fitness trainer?

Continue reading below as we guide you in your search for the best fitness coach.

The Value of Fitness Coaching

There are numerous benefits you can gain from hiring a reliable fitness coach. These benefits fuel the growth of the health coaching industry. Analysts project that the market for fitness coaching will grow by $1.7 billion come 2022.

Through personal fitness coaching, people see better results faster. Some break their plateaus. Others reduce or avoid injuries.

Coaching helps people establish long-term exercise habits.

The Marks of a Reliable Fitness Coach

To experience the benefits of fitness coaching, you must first identify the qualities of a good coach. What are the marks that make a reliable fitness coach? Here are some important characteristics you need to look for in your search.

1. Topnotch Credibility

One of the first things you need to look into is the coach’s credibility. Look at their track record. Do they have the results to show for?

One way of checking how successful a personal training center is to ask around. Talk to their current and previous clients. Get feedback regarding their satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to ask for what they think about the fitness coaches. Make sure the coaches have the right knowledge and expertise.

2. Sets Clear Expectations

A good fitness coach also sets clear expectations right from the get-go. Setting expectations is crucial if you wish to reach your fitness goals. But before they set their expectations, they will first ask you what you expect to get from coaching.

This way, both of you will be on the same page.

A good coach also asks for your feedback during the workouts. This is important especially for beginners who are still adjusting. They must also be willing to make adjustments on the fly if need be.

3. Makes Everyone Accountable

Even if you follow the best exercises, you will never go far without accountability. As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons people go back to exercising is a coach that holds them accountable.

A good coach will motivate you to show up and work hard. But accountability doesn’t mean becoming a drill sergeant.

Instead, it involves remaining firm to the program but still understanding your needs.

They must come to every session with a sound mind and a healthy body. They must arrive not a minute late. Moreover, they must provide undivided attention and don’t tolerate any distractions.

4. Uses a Checklist

Apart from being mentally and physically prepared, a good coach must also come with a checklist. This checklist contains the key details from last week’s session.

They must take note of the areas where you struggled during the previous session. They must list down your comments and feedback and come with the necessary adjustments.

Furthermore, the coach must use tangible ways to measure your progress. He or she must have an updated record of your scale weight, nutritional intake, and weight lifted. The coach must also measure your range motion, as well as your sleep quality.

5. Transparency

A good fitness coach is also transparent. Since transparency is a broad term, you must look for someone willing to admit things they do not know.

If you encounter a coach who says they know everything, better be careful. There will be times in your sessions where you will encounter major challenges. Sometimes, these challenges require the help of other specialists.

Thus, a good coach will refer you to specialists who know more about certain areas than they do. A reliable coach will point you to the best person especially if the concern is outside of their expertise.

6. Positivity

You also need to find a trainer who maintains a positive vibe during the workouts. This is important especially for some who respond to positive reinforcement.

Sometimes, positivity starts with the way your coach speaks. Does he or she use words that encourage? Do they like to use a positive tone especially when giving feedback?

A good coach will use “let’s try this method” instead of screaming “that’s wrong!” You want someone to put pressure in a way that does not discourage you.

Keep in mind that the journey toward fitness revolves around progress, not perfection.

7. Understands Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Another mark of a good coach is they understand your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, a great coach takes notes of these to improve the way they coach you.

If this is your first time to engage in a serious workout, find a coach that will assess your body and capabilities. Look for a trainer who will assess your strength, coordination, and mobility.

This way, they can prepare the appropriate workouts that match your current conditioning.

8. Knowledge of Nutrition

Last but not least, a good fitness coach must have ample knowledge on nutrition. No exercise program will succeed if you don’t pair it with proper nutrition.

This doesn’t mean your coach must also be a nutritionist. What you want is a mentor who has educated insights regarding nutrition. They must know how to assess your diet.

Your coach must give you suggestions on what to eat and which food to drop.

Let Us Reach Your Fitness Goals, Today!

Finding a reliable fitness coach is one of the biggest steps you will make in reaching your health goals. With the right coach, you will get the proper guidance you need to maximize the gains of your workouts.

And if you’re looking for a personal training center you can trust, then you came to the right place. We offer special training programs that cater to various fitness levels. Connect with us and tell us more about what you want to achieve.

Talk to us and let’s start reaching those goals today!


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