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Do you feel like weight loss goals are hopeless and overwhelming? Are you struggling with that last 5 lbs of stubborn body fat? Working on melting the last of that spare tire or muffin top before summer?

The great news is that you are almost there. You are so close and you don’t even know it. We all know that to lose fat we need to eat less calories than we burn. That’s a fact. It takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose 1 lb of body fat. We either need to burn more fuel (calories) or take in less.

Guess what? If you are not currently gaining weight/fat, then you are eating a perfect balance of calories to maintain your current body composition. This means that it is only going to take some small changes in your habits to produce a calorie deficit. An extra workout or a few smaller than normal meals will put you in a calorie deficit and thus produce some level of fat loss. Obviously, the more habits that you change the greater your results, but any change will produce a positive outcome.

Instead of viewing your weight/fat loss goals as daunting and unattainable, think of them in this light. If you are currently not gaining weight, then you are SO close to losing it!

Rick Mayo


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